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About us

Our firm has been operating for more than thirty years in the art and antiques business, becoming a symbol of prestige and quality.

We select our pieces by their authenticity, exquisite design and richness in colour, emphatically stressing its excellent original condition. A warranty and certificate of quality is extended for every piece, so that the customer can trust and certify the uniqueness of the each object.

We also offer our delivery service for the purchased pieces, to your country, state or city. Our firm counts with an efficient team of people specially trained to satisfy these requirements. For advice on this service and its cost, as well as the value of our pieces and the terms of payment, contact us.

The antiques and replicas published in our web site are brief selection of the ones you will find in our house. We hope to meet you, and enjoy browsing through our showroom, with us. If this were not possible, do write and consult us on any subject of your interest.


Tel. 054-11-4804-9787 - info@danielmiranda-art.com